Find out more about one of the world's three biggest motorcycle events: Salão Duas Rodas!

Adrenaline is what unites us

Salão Duas Rodas is not only among the three largest motorcycle events in the world, but is also the biggest expression of Motorcycle culture and lifestyle for the B2C and B2B public. The adrenaline running through the veins of those most passionate about Motorbikes also runs through the DNA of the third largest international motorcycle event.

As one of the largest shows in the industry, SDR Brazil is guaranteed to be the event with the most and greatest range of experiences in the world in 2024. Decision-makers and end customers will also be driving business in the market at Salão Duas Rodas.

As one of the three biggest events on earth, it is the event people think about when they want to see the latest in motorcycles and what's happening in motorcycling, along with accessories and equipment, for an up-close experience with the bikes of their dreams, seeing truly futuristic machines, learning about urban mobility, having fun with family and friends, having a blast test riding motorcycles and finding great entertainment in amazing attractions, Salão Duas Rodas also provides MORE thrills, MORE interaction and MORE experiences.

Adrenaline is what unites us, and in 2021 the union is at Salão Duas Rodas

Be aware of what happens in the Duas Rodas universe at the main meeting place for riders passionate about adrenaline, fun and experiences. Explore the news and solutions from automakers, the competition and what the public is looking for at the international motorcycle event.

The last edition was packed with attractions and entertainment

Simultaneous Events

National and International Exhibitors

Exposed Motorcycles

Test Rides Held

Opportunities for generating business and knowledge about the market

Use the tools available to generate knowledge. Be the first to connect with the news that will be available at the event and, for those who are branded, prospect new business opportunities and network before the event starts.

"The perfect opportunity for the brand fan to interact with the product line and experience their passion in a playful and festive environment."

"We have been present since the first edition of the Salon and we have always taken advantage of the event to show the differentials of the brand and bring us even closer to the public."

"You can't miss it! It's the same thing as having a birthday and not having a party! You can't skip the Salão Duas Rodas."

"You can count on us!

We are already reaffirming our commitment this year, and we will definitely be present in the next edition!"

"We will be here even bigger and with more activations, and we will work hard to make the next edition even more unforgettable."

"It's essential to be present, participating and exhibiting the products."

Check out the brands that have already confirmed their presence at the Salão Duas Rodas

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